Alzheimers Prevention Overview

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12 Fun Ways to Maintain a Healthy Brain

Stretching your brain through mental exercise may help improve its current and future functioning. Give your brain a workout with these 12 activities. While scientists have yet to determine how to fully prevent Alzheimer’s disease, they have...

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Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease

With no cure for Alzheimer's, the focus is on prevention. Learn the factors you can modify in your lifestyle choices that may reduce your risk. In a world where the treatment options for Alzheimer's disease are marginal at best and no miracle...

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Does Caffeine Improve Your Memory?

Need to justify that caffeine habit? This may help, although it might not apply to that daily soda you guzzle by noon. Looking for something to super-size your memory? One theory out there is that caffeine, which has been associated with a...

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