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A Makeup Artist's 3-Step Tutorial For Instantly Bright Eyes

This is all you need to secure brighter and wide-awake eyes.

  • Posted on 23rd Jan, 2022 17:30 PM
A Makeup Artist's 3-Step Tutorial For Instantly Bright Eyes Image

With makeup, one of the easiest ways to appear more youthful and vibrant is to take a less is more approach. This is certainly true with concealer, as layering on too much product has the potential to settle into fine lines and exacerbate dryness. But minimal eyeshadow, too, has its perks: Oftentimes, just a touch of sparkle is all you need to secure brighter and wide-awake eyes—it’s all about the placement. 

Take this three-step tutorial from makeup artist Alexandra Compton, product development manager at Credo, who took inspiration from the loads of glittering lids on her TikTok feed. The best part? “This look is so easy to achieve, is effortlessly chic, and is flattering on all skin tones and eye colors,” she tells mbg. 

A makeup artist’s tutorial for instantly bright eyes. 

Compton calls it a “nude eye with almost wet-looking, sheer, opalescent glitter on top.” Essentially, it’s a take on the recent eyelighter trend, which helps every eye shape catch the light in just the right places, making them appear brighter and wide-awake. But instead of strategically carving your lids with a shimmery shadow, you’re spotlighting the entire eye with a sheer pigment, creating the illusion of a dewy finish. 

  1. “Apply concealer or foundation all over the lid,” says Compton, then set with a translucent setting powder to lock the base in place. You could use a bit of bronzer or contour to add some dimension to the lid, she adds (as a darker shade will help define the area), or you could keep it simple with a powder. Just make sure the base stays as close to your natural skin tone as possible.  
  2. Next, apply a shimmery shadow of your choice to the center of the eyelid. We love the holographic sheen of Exa’s Lightshow Color Melt or the Eyelights Cream Eyeshadow from RMS Beauty. 
  3. “To glam up this look even more, you can add a wing with liquid liner for a glitzy cat-eye,” says Compton, or simply finish it off with mascara. If you are interested in leveling up, check out our guide to expertly applying eyeliner, especially if you’re a bit shaky with the felt tip. 

The takeaway. 

Because the shadows are quite sheer and buildable, the nude base will peek through the flecks of glitter—this makes the eye appear more open and bright (the same concept as eyelighter). Plus, it’s extremely wearable, universally flattering, and easy to make your own; feel free to use this tutorial as the template for your minimal yet vibrant eye looks.

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