Good days are made of coffee, delicious meals, and a chance to get our sweat on—but they start with plenty of zzz's the night before. When it comes to better rest, we tend to undermine the importance of a bedroom (and bed) that feels supremely cozy. So how do we turn our bedroom into the sleep sanctuary of our literal dreams? First, we turn to the stars!

From the astrological POV, our sign has a lot to say about our sleep. With that in mind, we've partnered with Avocado Green Mattress to roll out a special bedroom makeover for one lucky water sign. Between interior design expertise from Jessica Pickens, wisdom from astrologer and wellness consultant Stephanie Gailing, and a 100% organic Avocado Green Mattress made with natural materials and a luxurious pressure point system for all the support—this water sign's bedroom gets the full star-studded treatment. Follow along to watch her room transformation and glean your own design inspo about what water signs need for deeper sleep and brighter days. (Don't worry earth, fire, and air signs… Your makeovers are coming soon!)