The Best Beauty Tips These Editors Are Taking Into 2022


For this very special episode of Clean Beauty School, I had on mindbodygreen’s other resident beauty expert and associate editor Jamie Schneider as co-host. We’ve had a lot going on at mindbodygreen—ahem, our new postbiotic body lotion and hand cream—so we thought we’d reserve an episode to chat about the line, why we decided to get into body care, and debrief about all the high-quality ingredients present in the formula. 

But that’s not all! We also decided to answer a few commonly asked questions and share our favorite advice just in time for a beautiful new year. Here, the best tips we got last year that we can’t wait to embrace for the months to come. And trust me, there’s plenty more tips in the episode, so be sure to tune in. It’s a can’t miss. 


Listen to your skin

“This is advice I've always known but I still need to remind myself every once in a while. It’s from dermatologist Keira Barr, M.D., for a Mother’s Day article featuring skin care advice she wanted to instill on her own daughter. She said, ‘Your skin is your biggest teacher. And what shows up on the skin is information.’ And it's so profound because I can get caught up in feeling angry at my skin if I have a breakout or have irritation. Rather than berating my skin and getting angry at it, [I need to ask myself] why this is happening? What could be going on in your life? What could be the root of the issue? When you get to the root of the problem, you’ll be able to solve the issue quicker.” — associate editor Jamie Schneider 

Apply less concealer 

“On a recent episode I did with global makeup artist Alexandria Gilleo, we talked about her best makeup tips. She mentioned she only ever puts concealer on the very most inner part of the eye. Well I have really dark circles, and always have since I was a kid, so I’d put a lot of concealer under my eye. As I’ve gotten older, my skin is much drier and I can’t really do that as much because now I get fine lines. My makeup routine has been basically the same for the last decade, and it was a wake up call that, ‘OK, your skin is changing, you're changing, and it's okay to refresh your makeup routine as you go, to address your new skin.” — beauty director Alexandra Engler