Our 17 Favorite Probiotic Drinks To Sip For Gut Health In 2022


You probably know that kombucha is good for gut health and digestion, but when it comes to the why, the answer is pretty simple: probiotics. These bacteria help maintain a balanced gut microbiome, which supports gastrointestinal health and function.* Bonus: a healthy gut can then enhance everything from skin health, to mood, and more.

But in fact, kombucha is only one of the many types of probiotic drinks you can enjoy. There are a number of beverages that, through some type of fermentation or another method, contain probiotics. We took a look at the options available, and rounded up this list of favorites. Read on to find out which probiotic drinks can support a happy and healthy gut.


Kombucha is the original legend of probiotic drinks, in many ways. Made by combining tea (and sometimes other flavors) with certain strains of bacteria or yeast, then fermenting it, some producers also add bonus probiotic strains after fermentation. It's fizzy, slightly sweet, and definitely a bit funky—but once you get hooked, there's no going back. It's also not super difficult to make yourself—you'll want to consult experts and make sure you know what you're doing before getting started.

GT's Trilogy

This brand is one you very well might find everywhere from the aisles of Whole Foods to your local corner shop—it's that popular. Their trilogy flavor has raspberry, lemon, and ginger combined into a fresh, tart, refreshing kombucha.

Buy it here.

mbg creative

The bottom line

If you're looking to add more probiotics to your daily routine, consider a probiotic drink. They're easy (and delicious) to sip on during the day and can be a seamless addition to your routine.

And if you're looking for a more targeted venture, consider taking a high-quality probiotic supplement with strain transparency and potency in mind. mindbodygreen's probiotic+ contains four probiotic strains, specifically designed to ease bloating, aid digestion, support a healthy weight, and elevate your gut microbiome.*

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