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Keep Seeing Blue Jays Everywhere? Here's What It Can Mean For You

Keep Seeing Blue Jays Everywhere? Here's What It Can Mean For You Image
  • Posted on 01st Jul, 2022 00:05 AM

And thanks to their bright blue color, they probably will.

Blue jays may have a reputation for being bossy and aggressive, but these beautiful birds have more to them than that. In fact, seeing blue jays a lot in your daily life can indicate they have a spiritual message for you. Here's what to know, plus what to do when a blue jay appears to you.

What blue jays symbolize.

Blue jays relate to everything from strength, to confidence, to communication, depending on the context in which you see them.

For some, these birds have the reputation of being loud, aggressive, and mean. However, certain cultures see them as lucky or a symbol of good things to come. And according to animal spiritualist Jordana Van, seeing a blue jay a lot within a short period of time could indicate it's coming to you as a force of spiritual guidance.

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4 spiritual meanings behind the blue jay.

1. Authentic communication.

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Van explains that the blue jay's striking blue color gives it a connection to the throat chakra, which relates to authentic interpersonal and creative self expression. "Blue jay often arrives to tell us that we are not being honest in our communications because we are afraid that if we were to speak or demonstrate our truth, that we would not get what we want or need," she explains.

The throat is one of the body's main channels for creativity, and birds in general are representatives of the air element, which is all about communication, she notes.

2. Confidence.

Just as blue jays are strong and protective, they encourage us to act with confidence. Van explains that as a spiritual force, blue jay sometimes tells us that we need to "behave more confidently than we actually feel if we want to attain a certain outcome." She adds that this isn't about being inauthentic, but rather "faking it till we make it."

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3. Loyalty & partnership.

Not only do blue jays mate for life and stay with their mate all year round, but they also have strong family bonds and are extremely loyal and protective. If you've heard the phrase "true blue," which means loyal, Van says, consider blue jays to be true blue—literally and figuratively.

If someone new has come into your life and you've asked the universe for a sign regarding their loyalty or potential, a blue jay showing up is a sign that they'll make a good partner, Van says.

However, if you didn't outright ask, but it's been weighing on your mind, Van notes that blue jay may actually be encouraging you to examine your beliefs. "Here, the blue jay is telling you that you need to work on healing those wounds so that you can honor your heart, which will tell you what to do to be happy," she explains.

4. Judgment.

Lastly, blue jays can also relate to being judged, both by yourself or others. Van explains that blue jays are often judged because they're bold and can be aggressive, but "this is a sign of intelligence, strong survival instincts, and family loyalty—not meanness or gluttony."

In the same way, she says, blue jays can indicate we're receiving unfair judgement from others. Whether we're holding strong boundaries or triggering someone else's ego, a blue jay lets us know we can never be wrong when we're simply living our truth, even if it bothers or threatens other people.

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What to do if you keep seeing blue jays

Depending on the above meanings of seeing a blue jay, there are a few things you can do to heed their message and take action.

If you think your blue jay sighting could be related to feeling judged by yourself or others, Van says to release your own inner critic—and disregard the judgments of others. "If your mind isn't speaking to you with patience, affirmation, and love, this is absolutely at the top of the list of things that the blue jay wants you to work on," she says.

And as far as being judged by others, "If the critics are in the minority and you truly love what you're doing," she says, there's no need to give their judgments any weight. "There are always going to be at least a few critics everywhere we go. The Universe designed you to be who you are and the world needs you to be that person, not who you think you need to be to please others," Van explains, adding, "If you can recognize that this is what's going on for you right now, the blue jay is very likely here to tell you that no matter how scary it is, it's time to start being real."

And lastly, blue jays encourage us to be confident and strong. If you don't feel you're being recognized in that way, Van suggests spending some time studying the people in your life who have the respect that you crave for yourself.

"Consider adopting some of their behaviors that resonate with you, but don't try to force yourself to be someone that you do not inherently want to be—that never works out in the end," she adds.

If you see a blue jay & cardinal together.

To see a blue jay and red cardinal together, Van explains, can mean you may be feeling the effects of some oppressive force, which is impacting your expression. (Though not always, she adds, but this is the most common meaning.)

Cardinals (when seen with a blue jay) "often represent feeling oppressed by an authority, most especially a religious authority, institution, or folks who practice that particular religion," Van says. And the blue jay here means you may feel afraid to be yourself, because you've been chastised for it in the past by people who had power over your life. 

"When blue jay and cardinal appear in combination, it most often signifies that our self—in whatever ways we wish to express it—feels as though it is being stifled or silenced by either a religious institution or its representatives, or whomever else in our lives that we perceive as setting 'the rules,'" she explains.

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If you find a blue jay feather.

According to Van, it's easy for people to go down the "It's a sign!" rabbit hole, when in actuality, it may just be that you simply found a feather.

However, she notes, if you're consistently finding blue jay feathers, or you find one in a really dramatic way, then it could be that you need to pay attention.

"Sometimes these experiences really are intended to direct us, and sometimes they're just the Universe letting us know that we're tuned in," she says, adding, "Blue jay's most frequent message has to do with confident self-expression, so if someone has been feeling the desire or need to speak up and/or otherwise express themselves, they need to do so."

If a blue jay appears in your dream.

Sometimes, animals appear to us in dreams with a message, but Van says interpreting these dreams can be tricky, and you should ask yourself if you have any personal associations with blue jays going with a standard interpretation.

"Dreams are much more personal than we realize, in which case, the symbol is supposed to get us to look at what is going on in our life and ask ourselves if it mirrors what happened in our lives the last time we experienced that animal in the aforementioned fashion. If so, what issues from that time might still need to be resolved?" Van explains. 

"On the other hand," she adds, "we could just be experiencing a reminder of a pleasant time in our lives, if it was a good memory or a person we loved that was involved."

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The takeaway.

The universe has a way of sending us signs and symbols when we need them most. In the case of blue jays, if they keep appearing to you, there could be some messages around strength, confidence, and/or communication that you'll want to pay attention to.

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