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This Is The Week To Release Old Patterns Holding You Back: Here's How

This week offers an opening for more self-compassion.

  • Posted on 16th May, 2022 23:30 PM
This Is The Week To Release Old Patterns Holding You Back: Here's How Image
Each week, join author and energy healer Natasha Levinger as she reads the communal energy to predict what's in store for us in the days ahead.

For the last couple of years, my collective energy readings have had a theme: Clear out what isn’t working for you and claim what is.

Though it isn't always easy to let go of things we thought we wanted and needed, it is always worth it. And the best part is that in doing so, we become closer to claiming our truest and most expansive selves; everything we are when the walls are cleared away.

It’s wild to think of all the ways we twist and turn to avoid ourselves when our "Selves" are the best, most reliable thing we have! We do this for many reasons, but often it’s because we’ve spent so much time in the limited view of ourselves that we haven’t yet experienced how powerful we are. 

You may have felt steeped in those limiting views and focused on what isn't working recently. This week is an opportunity to shed those and step into a new and expansive cycle.

Energy reading May 17-23, 2022: Now is another opportunity to connect with who you truly are.

One energy pattern happening this week that I've mentioned in this column at least once over the last couple months, is a heart chakra opening and a feeling of connection to who you really are. 

What I’ve noticed over the years of doing these energy reports on my podcast, Magic Monday, is that energy patterns will often come in, go away, and then repeat over several months. I’ve noticed that through this repetitive dance, these energy patterns give us an opportunity to truly integrate them.

We humans don’t always get it right the first time, and in fact, it would be weird if we did. We aren’t computers; we are spiritual beings that need time to process and integrate.

Lucky for us, we're getting another chance at that heart chakra boost this week. When I tune into the week, I feel my heart opening and an opportunity to enjoy and embrace the joy of who we are. I love it because there's so much connection to our true selves when we let ourselves feel joy. This is the connection beyond family programming, to who we really are. This is self-compassion and self-connection.

When we let ourselves experience this, it can feel like taking a leap of faith. It can even feel scary, especially if you’ve been bogged down for a while with heaviness. It can bring up questions like, “Who am I to enjoy my life right now? Do I really deserve to love myself this much (or at all)?”

This is what I say in response to those questions: We have all made mistakes in our lives. We have all had ugly thoughts and made bad decisions. And every single one of us deserves to enjoy our lives. Every single one of us deserves to love ourselves. Yes, you too. 

And if you’re having a hard time doing it for yourself, please know that the more you feel into this deserving and love, the more light you are spreading in the world. When we can forgive ourselves and have self-compassion, we're usually more generous with those around us, and better able to create a space where they can experience forgiveness and self-compassion, too.

But don’t do it for them—do it for yourself. Remember: You deserve it.

The other part of this week entails the aforementioned old patterns—and they're coming in fast. But it feels more to me like a releasing than a rising to be reckoned with. So, if you are noticing old patterns come up, tune into that heart chakra and let it anchor you through it. Feel your feelings, and with self-compassion, watch them as they go their merry way.

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Tools for the week.

Let yourself do something fun—and even better, lots of things that are fun. Pick up a new hobby you’ve been wanting to start for a while, or get back into one you love but haven’t been doing. Binge watch your favorite show with zero guilt. Dance, laugh, and of course, practice generous amounts of self-compassion.

If you notice old unhelpful patterns coming up, try to observe them instead of getting lost in the feeling. You are not your thoughts or feelings. You are your true, expansive, divine self. I’m not talking about spiritually bypassing and pretending you don’t feel these feelings; I am talking about feeling it, centered in your heart.

Have compassion for yourself as you're feeling big emotions like you would for a loved one. Again, remember: You deserve it!

The takeaway.

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This week offers an opening for more self-compassion and an opportunity to commit to feeling more joy. There’s also some old patterns coming up to be released, but if you’re connected to your heart chakra, you’ll get through it just fine. 

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