Yes, Every Birth Month Has Its Own Flower — Do You Know Yours?


You probably know your zodiac sign, and maybe your birthstone, but did you know the month you were born also has its own designated flower? Read on to find out what your birth month flower is, plus what it might say about you.

What are birth flowers?

The tradition of birth month flowers is thought to have begun in Roman times. Back then, flowers were used as decorations or given as gifts as a way to honor birthdays. As the "language of flowers" evolved in the 18th century and into the 19th century, certain flowers were used to send discreet messages through their various unspoken meanings.

Fast-forward to today, and each month still has at least one beautiful bloom to its name. Here's a quick overview of each birth month's flower—plus what it symbolizes and how to enjoy its gifts:

Image by Michelle Nahmad / mbg creative

And last but not least, the birth month flower for December is the narcissus flower, which includes a variety of hundreds of species (including daffodils, actually). They represent sweetness, and giving them to someone suggests you think they're wonderful just as they are.

The bottom line.

Whether you relate to your given flower or are just looking for a great gift option for someone's big day, knowing about birth flowers can certainly come in handy. From their rich symbolism to their beauty to their soothing properties, it's no wonder bouquets of flowers have stood the test of time as the perfect presents.

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