Here’s a fact that applies inside and outside of our workouts: Sometimes, things don’t go as expected. No matter how devoted we are to a fitness goal, life still happens… And we have to adapt! Training for agility helps us with exactly that. Agility boosts our speed and coordination so we can face anything that comes our way—but it starts with stability. And because we all need more of that these days, we’ve partnered with Under Armour and fitness trainer Ceci Perez to bring you a stability workout and awareness activity that’ll ground you down physically and mentally. After this routine, you’ll be ready to move through your workouts (and the world) with more ease.

With these stability moves, you’re about to discover your deep strength. But you’ll also need some gear that’s as steady as you are—like the Under Armour Project Rock HeatGear No-Slip Waistband Ankle Leggings Life loves to throw the unexpected our way, but with the Project Rock HeatGear Sports Bra and Unisex UA Project Rock BSR Training Shoes, at least our gear is on our side!