It doesn’t matter how you like to move your body… An everyday athlete always has their sights set on more agility. Agility is the ability to speed up, slow down, and change directions more quickly. It combines strength, coordination, balance, and skill, and just a little bit of plyometrics training can get us there! As a part of our Fit From Within series, we’ve teamed up with Under Armour and fitness trainer Ceci Perez for an efficient plyometric workout designed to boost your agility and awareness simultaneously. With these classic moves and a few affirmations under your belt, thinking fast and moving faster will come like second nature.

Agility ensures your body is ready for anything, but that has as much to do with your gear as it does your fitness. To champion these dynamic moves, gear up in the UA RUSH™ SmartForm Leggings and Mid Printed Sports Bra, designed to reflect your body’s energy to keep you working harder and recovering faster. And because all quick movement starts with your feet, try out the super-springy UA HOVR™ Omnia Training Shoes, built with strategic support, breathable mesh, and a grippy outsole to keep your mind on the movement.