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These 5 Oracle Decks Would Love To Be Your Personal Life Coaches This Fall

These 5 Oracle Decks Would Love To Be Your Personal Life Coaches This Fall Image
  • Posted on 10th Jan, 2022 18:00 PM

Got questions? They can help you feel into answers.

In wellness speak, a "deck of cards" does not imply a joker, ace, or six of hearts. Tarot and oracle decks are much more popular among today's health-centric crowds, used to relieve stress, decide on next steps, or access the divine, depending on who you're talking to.

A tarot deck is a collection of 78 cards that follow a particular structure, while oracle cards are usually more free-form. Decks typically have anywhere from 60 to 80 cards and come with corresponding guidebooks that provide ways to interpret each one. Beyond that, they can take on any number of themes and aesthetics (motifs of popular decks on Amazon right now span the gamut from Nature's Whispers to Spirit Animals).

While research on market size is limited, sales of tarot and oracle decks have been on the rise for the past five years and anecdotally, they are popping up in more unlikely places like hotels and museums. As to what's causing the ancient tools' modern revival, astrologer Bess Matassa, Ph.D., thinks it has something to do with the fact that it promotes silence and stillness in an increasingly loud, chaotic world.

"In this moment of saturated overstimulation and goal-driven 'out there-ness,' oracle decks, by contrast, return us to the serene self-possession of our internal heartbeats," she says. "Rather than tools of prediction that herald what might happen to us, I see them as present-moment private psychic hotlines, leading us back to the innate knowledge and inherent instincts we can already sense in our blood and our bones."

How to use an oracle deck.

The beautiful thing about oracle decks is you can use them however you want. I've gotten into a routine of pulling a card every Sunday that speaks to how I should be showing up for the next week. I'll sit down and shuffle the deck while visualizing what I have in store for the week ahead, then pull one card. Then you're supposed to intuitively feel into what the card is telling you before resorting to the guidebook for more concrete answers—though I'll admit I skip this step sometimes. Once I read up on that card's meaning, I'll journal on how I think it could relate to my life right now and set three weekly intentions from there.

Whether or not you believe that oracle cards hold any kind of energetic power or magic, the act of thinking of a question and interpreting a potential answer can still be valuable. The cards take you out of your internal monologue for a minute and offer a fresh perspective. I like to think of my deck, The Wanderer's Tarot by Casey Zabala, as a wise old friend who always has answers and is never afraid of hurting my feelings.

I also love conducting more seasonal rituals during transitional moments, like the one we're going through right now! As we leave summer behind and head into fall, it's a good time to check in with yourself by way of the cards. Use them to reflect on how you've been feeling lately: whether you're in alignment with your goals, how you've been showing up to your relationships, etc. Ask your questions, and these five beautiful new decks would be more than happy to help you find answers.

1. Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck and Guide Book

These oracle cards combine striking illustrations with simple, powerful mantras such as "I confirm that all life is sacred" and "I keep my own counsel." Inspired by Ma'at, the Egyptian goddess of truth, balance, order, and harmony, it's a feminist, empowering deck adapted for the modern day.

Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck and Guide Book ($18.04)

1. Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck and Guide Book
amenti oracle

2. A Yogic Path Oracle Deck and Guidebook

These cards are timeless representations of various chakras, spiritual deities, yogic principles, and ayurvedic temperaments. Ayurveda author Sahara Rose created it to be a resource that brings the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, ancient religious texts from India, to the modern day—and she did just that. The principles in it date back thousands of years, but their lessons feel as relevant today as ever (funny how that happens!).

A Yogic Path Oracle Deck and Guidebook ($31.50)

2. A Yogic Path Oracle Deck and Guidebook
yogic path

3. Things Are Looking Up Cards

For those days when every little thing goes wrong, there's this optimistic little deck. The front of each card features colorful, minimalist sketches that bring a smile to the face, while the back has positive psychology exercises from author Deepika Chopra, PsyD. Its content is more rooted in science than other decks you'll find, but it still has that mystical feel.

Things Are Looking Up Cards (39.95)

3. Things Are Looking Up Cards
things are looking up

4. The Numinous Astro Deck

A beautiful guide for the astrologically inclined, each card of this Astro Deck is pegged to a sign, house, or planet of the zodiac. Created by Matassa and Ruby Warrington, journalist and founder of The Numinous, it provides a new way to interpret your birth chart and navigate energies of every point of the year. The corresponding booklet is a straightforward guide to the intricacies of the zodiac that helps users become "fluent in the language of astrology."

The Numinous Astro Deck ($19.96)

4. The Numinous Astro Deck

5. An Ayurvedic Path Oracle Deck

This deck depicts various healing exercises that are inspired by the five elements of ayurveda. For example, an Earth card might call on you to get outside in nature while a Water one might suggest a spirit cleansing shower. If you're in the market for a new self-care ritual (or 65), this one's for you.

An Ayurvedic Path Oracle Deck ($49)

5. An Ayurvedic Path Oracle Deck
ayurvedic path

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