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The Surprising Place This Makeup Artist Says To Avoid Using Concealer

Just another insider concealer trick.

  • Posted on 21st Jan, 2022 04:30 AM
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Over the last year or so, I’ve learned more hacks and “insider” tips about concealer than I know what to do with. (Thanks, TikTok! No, actually thank you, TikTok.) Each video comes with perfectly placed swipes or dots of pigment that are then blended into the skin to make eyes appear more awake, blemishes disappear, and cheekbones lifted. The results are impressive, for sure. But it often makes my simple little routine feel minuscule in comparison. 

So when I heard this advice about where you shouldn’t apply concealer—and still look put-together—I perked up. Recently I spoke with global makeup artist and wellness influencer Alexandria Gilleo for my podcast Clean Beauty School. In it, we chatted about the makeup tips she swears by—including places we shouldn’t be placing makeup. It’s surprising too. 

Why this makeup artist wants you to avoid the under eyes.

I don’t know about you, but when I learned how to apply under eye concealer, it was in a long swooping swipe down and out from the corner of my eye. From there, my technique certainly got more sophisticated: I adopted the “triangle of light” method; then the popular lifting method that’s buzzing around social media right now. But I could never avoid the dreaded creasing, fine lines, and caking that is so common in the area. 

So what should you do instead? Gilleo’s answer is refreshingly blunt: Don’t put concealer there at all. In the episode she tells me we should never coat the area—use your cover-up sparingly and specifically. "I never put concealer under the whole entire eye because when it's like under the outer corner of your eye area and underneath, you really can see all of those fine lines," Gilleo says. "And I want to look as young as possible."

While makeup has the incredible ability to transform you, it also can age the appearance of your skin when you go overboard. Yes, one of the easiest ways to look more vibrant and youthful is to pare back how much you're applying. 

"I only do concealer in the inner corner, since that's where darkness hides," she says. "I just put a dab on the inner corner and then blend it with either a tiny BeautyBlender, a little brush, or even like your ring finger."


The takeaway

Now, if creasing is of no concern to you, then feel free to do up your makeup however you like. Makeup is not that serious and should always serve your wants! But if your fine line concerns override your shadow concerns, take this as your cue to save yourself a bit of unneeded pigment. After all, I think I saw a trend on TikTok telling me moody dark circles were in right now.

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