Asthma Treatment Overview

What to Know About Cinqair (Reslizumab) 1X

What to Know About Cinqair (Reslizumab)

Cinqair (reslizumab) is a biologic drug used to treat severe eosinophilic asthma. Learn when it's used, as well as its dosages and side effects. Cinqair (reslizumab) is an injectable biologic drug used to treat a rare but severe form of asthma...

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Zafirlukast - Oral

Zafirlukast is a selective peptide leukotriene receptor agonist used to control asthma symptoms by reducing inflammation, fluid, and airway narrowing. Additional Content Provided and Reviewed by IBM Micromedex What Is Zafirlukast? Zafirlukast is...

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Breo Ellipta (Fluticasone and Vilanterol) - Inhalation

Breo Ellipta is a prescription inhalation powder used as an asthma control treatment and long-term treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Additional Content Provided and Reviewed by IBM Micromedex What Is Breo Ellipta? Breo Ellipta...

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How Nebulizer Machines Are Used to Treat Asthma

Patients often think nebulizer machines are a more powerful treatment. However, you may be getting less medication than you think. Parents and patients often feel or have the impression that a nebulizer machine or breathing machine is more effective...

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Can an Internist Care for My Asthma?

Internal Medicine doctors are just one type of physician that can care for your asthma. A primary care MD can help get your asthma under control. If you need a primary care physician to help get control of your asthma symptoms, you may want to...

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Asthma Treatment

From inhalers to an asthma action plan, understand your options for treating asthma. Find the information you need to take an active role in your care.

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Overview of Asthma Medications

Your physician has an arsenal of potential medications to treat your asthma. We look at 10 different types of asthma medications. Asthma medication can be divided into two categories:Quick-relief or rescue asthma medicationController asthma...

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Long Acting Beta Agonist (LABA) Can Control Symptoms

LABA bronchodilators can be an important part of your asthma care plan, but there are some safety concerns you need to be aware of for good control. A LABA is a type of bronchodilator whose effects last for 12 hours or more. LABA stands for...

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How to Know If Your Asthma Inhaler Is Empty

Learn about knowing when your asthma inhaler is empty, including a simple calculation you can do at home based on your prescribed dose. You may think the answer to this question is easy—that a person knows when their inhaler is empty when it stops...

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Treating Severe Asthma With Biologics

Biologics can treat moderate-to-severe asthma.These drugs work by targeting specific blood proteins responsible for asthma symptoms. For many people who live with asthma, their symptoms are managed by identifying and avoiding triggers, taking daily...

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Postnasal Drip and Asthma

Post-nasal drip can be a nuisance and make your asthma control more difficult. Learn about actions you can take to help decrease your drip. Is postnasal drip contributing to your poor asthma control? If you think it may be, learn to identify the...