Autism & Family Life

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Independent Living Skills for Autism

What, exactly, are "independent living skills?" Here's a basic primer on how the term is used and what it might mean for people with autism. Ever since my autistic son, Tom, became a teen, I've been hearing about the importance of...

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What Are Splinter Skills in Autism?

Some people with autism have impressive skills which do not relate to real-world problems or situations. Learn about splinter skills. Splinter skills are abilities that are disconnected from their usual context and/or purpose. Because they are just...

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Best Dog for a Child With Autism

Although choosing the best dog for a child with autism is dependent on both the dog and child, there are a few pros and cons to consider beforehand. Dogs can be wonderful pets and companions for children with autism. Dogs provide the kind of...

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Autistic Behavior vs Misbehavior

It's not always easy to distinguish between autistic behaviors and misbehavior. Learning to do so will teach you how to respond to the problems. How can you tell whether the poor behavior is the result of autistic symptoms or if it's...

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