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Helping People With Autism Manage Anxiety

About 40 percent of people with autism have significant issues with anxiety. Learn about causes, symptoms, and treatments for anxiety in autism. About 40% of people with autism spectrum disorder also suffer from significant anxiety. This is the case...

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Living With Autism

Children and adults with autism can thrive with the right support. Explore options, learn about resources, and get tips for living well with autism.

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Should My Autistic Child Go to Preschool?

Learn how a preschool might or might not benefit your family if you have a preschooler on the autism spectrum. If you have the option of keeping an autistic child at home until they're old enough for kindergarten, should you do it? The answer will...

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Are Autistic People Introverts?

People with autism have a hard time with social communication. Does that mean all people with autism are introverts? The popular image of a person with autism is a quiet, isolated individual who prefers solitude to social interaction. This is often...

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Speech and Communication in Autism

Choosing and using the right words and body language can be challenging for people on the autism spectrum, but speech and social therapies can help. People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can have a wide range of verbal abilities. Some may be...