Autism Overview

Music Therapy for Autistic Children 1X

Music Therapy for Autistic Children

Music therapy is a well-established method for working with people on the autism spectrum. Is music therapy right for your child with autism? Music therapy is a well-established and risk-free technique for using musical interaction to help...

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Autism Risks Related to Pregnancy and Birth

While some risks are unavoidable, it is possible to lower the risk of having a baby with autism. A higher risk of having a child on the autism spectrum is associated with several pregnancy-related issues. Some of these, such as the use of certain...

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I Think My Child Might Have Autism

If your child has autism-like symptoms, now is the time to take action. Learn about the appropriate steps to take. Maybe your child isn’t talking yet or doesn’t seem to respond to your voice. Or perhaps your toddler is lining up toys and having...

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How to Respond to an Autism Diagnosis

Your child has been diagnosed with autism. Now what? Follow these five steps, and you’ll be well on your way. If your child has just been diagnosed with autism, you may be feeling a bit shell-shocked. You’re not alone.For 2016, the Centers for...

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Childhood Behavioral Issues and Autism

A child having a meltdown in the grocery aisle may not just be naughty. Learn the difference between standard misbehavior and autistic overload. Most children make loud noises, act impulsively, and run or climb when they shouldn't. Kids can be picky...

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Helping People With Autism Manage Anxiety

About 40 percent of people with autism have significant issues with anxiety. Learn about causes, symptoms, and treatments for anxiety in autism. About 40% of people with autism spectrum disorder also suffer from significant anxiety. This is the case...