Back And Neck Pain Diagnosis

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Blood Tests for Diagnosing Back Pain

Blood tests can help diagnose some back pain, particularly if your doctor suspects an infection or inflammatory arthritis is the root cause. Blood tests are generally not used for diagnosing the cause of back pain, but in some cases, they...

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How Magnetic Resonance Neurography or MRN Works

Magnetic resonance neurography, or MRN, is a type of MRI that can help diagnose nerve problems and pain such as sciatica and piriformis syndrome. MR Neurography, also known as either magnetic resonance neurography or MRN, is a type of MRI that shows...

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Diagnosing Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain have a variety of causes. Your doctor will conduct a physical exam and imaging studies and review your history to confirm a diagnosis.

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The Stress Fracture Spondylolysis

Learn about spondylolysis, a condition that is characterized as a stress fracture in part of the vertebrae that leads to back pain. Spondylolysis is a word that is used to describe a condition where there is a stress fracture in a specific region of...

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Neck and Back Sprain Injuries

Learn the basics of neck and back sprains which are common injuries that can range in seriousness from mild to major. Neck and back sprains are among the most common musculoskeletal injuries. If you're not careful about how you move, you may...

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Neck Pain and Posture

Neck pain or injury risk may be higher when your upper body posture is misaligned. Learn more about preventing this. Neck and Posture Intro Desk height should be level with your comfortable elbows.Andy Zito/Illustration Works/Getty ImagesNeck...

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