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Must Know Facts About the Pill 1X

Must Know Facts About the Pill

The pill is super convenient and popular. But even regular pill users may not know these five important facts about the pill. Do you? The pill is like your iPhone or your DVR …once you have experienced the convenience of the pill, it becomes...

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How to Start Birth Control Pills

Can you start mid-cycle? How long does it take for the pill to start working? Here’s what you need to know about starting birth control. Many young people struggle with the question of when to start birth control, particularly when it comes to the...

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How to Skip Your Period Using the Pill

Skipping your period using the pill is easy and completely safe. Follow these 6 steps and you will be period-free anytime you feel the need. A monthly period is just a minor inconvenience for some women, but for others, it can be a major health...

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How to Switch to a New Birth Control Pill

Here is a look at how a woman can properly switch between birth control pills, including the mini pill, and when to use backup contraception. If you want to switch to a new birth control pill, there are things you need to consider. You may be...

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Can I Buy Over-The-Counter Birth Control Pills?

Women sometimes wonder if they can buy over-the-counter birth control pills instead of seeing a doctor. Here are the rules for how to get the pill. One of the most common questions that people ask is whether or not they can buy over-the-counter...

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Using the Pill

You know "the pill," right? It's one of the most popular birth control options and a reliable choice for many women. Learn why and explore your options.

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Birth Control Pills and High Blood Pressure

The pill is the leading birth control method used by women age 44 and younger. Learn if birth control pills affect blood pressure. The pill is the number one birth control method used by women ages 15 to 44. Four of every five sexually...

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10 Common Myths About the Pill and Contraception

Do birth control pills make you gain weight? There are many misconceptions about the pill, learn the facts. Not understanding how the pill works or misusing it can lead to unwanted pregnancy, irregular bleeding, and hormone imbalance. That's why it...

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The Little Known Benefits of the Pill

More than 80 percent of women use hormonal contraception, but many are unaware of its noncontraceptive benefits. Learn how the pill can help you. More than 80 percent of U.S. women will use hormonal contraception sometime during their reproductive...

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When You Should Take Your Pill

Do you know when to take the Pill? Does the time really matter? You should be taking the Pill at the same time each day. Don't forget about time zones! Like many women, you may be wondering if the time of day when you take the Pill really...

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