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The Benefits of Therapeutic Gardens

Therapeutic gardens are often used in the treatment of individuals with chronic illness and disabilities. They can offer many health benefits. Therapeutic gardens are used to help people with chronic illness and disabilities in a variety of...

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Hobbies for the Disabled

Get a list of suggested hobbies that disabled individuals can enjoy, plus learn about organizations that support these hobbies and their participants. Being disabled shouldn't stand in the way of enjoying or discovering new hobbies. Whether you...

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Best Workplaces for People With Disabilities

These are the best workplaces for people with disabilities. These disability-friendly companies offer advocacy groups and other disability benefits. If you have a disability and you're having trouble landing a job, you aren't alone. In fact,...

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Youth Nursing Homes for Children With Disabilities

Adult nursing homes and care centers are not ideal for profoundly disabled children. Learn what options are available for children with disabilities. For parents of a profoundly disabled child, it may seem like there is no other option than to place...

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Daycare Facilities for Disabled Children

How can you choose the best daycare facility for your disabled child? Here is a checklist of things you should research before making this decision. Choosing a daycare facility for disabled children can be a time-consuming process, not to speak of...

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