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What Should Be on a Medical ID Bracelet? 1X

What Should Be on a Medical ID Bracelet?

Many people wear medical jewelry so health care providers can treat them in an emergency. Learn what information is useful for emergency responders. The purpose of medical ID (alert) jewelry—identification necklaces and bracelets with medical...

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How to Perform Rescue Breathing

Rescue breathing, previously known as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, is an integral part of CPR but can also be used on its own if there is a heartbeat. Rescue breathing (previously known as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation) is a life-saving intervention...

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How to Help a Choking Infant

Learn about the most important steps to take when you discover an infant that is choking on something. Babies under 1 year old can choke when an object like food or a toy becomes stuck in their throat, blocking their airway. A choking baby won’t...

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How to Do CPR on a Child

There is no substitute for proper CPR training for adults. However, you may need to do CPR on a child if there is an emergency. There is no substitute for proper training. However, emergencies wait for no one. Use these steps to provide CPR to...

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First Aid Skills That Can Really Save a Life

Saving lives is a mindset. With the exception of using an EpiPen, nothing on this list requires special tools. Discover the most helpful first-aid skills. There are those mommy first aid skills where a Band-Aid and a kiss are all that's needed to...

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9 First Aid Tips You'll Actually Use

The best first aid tips are the skills we do for mundane injuries. Follow recommendations so you are always prepared for these nine minor ones. First aid tips—especially when shared by paramedics—focus on emergency situations and procedures....

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How to Recognize a Medical Emergency

Learn about the specific signs to look for so you know how to recognize a medical emergency and get the right help. Figuring out if medical symptoms warrant a call to 911 or a trip to the emergency department can be hard. Patients are often afraid...

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'Hands-Only' CPR for Cardiac Arrest

While cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can save lives, learn how rescue breathing (mouth-to-mouth) may do more harm than good. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is one of the foundations of emergency medical care. It is a required training for...

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Why Mouth-to-Mouth During CPR Is Not Necessary

Focusing on pumping blood during CPR, rather than on moving air, makes a lot of sense. Here's why. The push to remove mouth to mouth from CPR was controversial in the world of CPR training. The idea finally found its feet after many years; the...

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