Multi-Symptom Cold and Flu Medications 1X

Multi-Symptom Cold and Flu Medications

Pharmacy aisles are filled with multi-symptom cold and flu medications. Learn about common options and what to consider before taking them. When you have a cold or flu, you don't typically have just one symptom. There may be a headache, nasal...

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Flu vs. Allergies: What Are the Differences?

The flu and seasonal allergies share some symptoms, but the differences can be confusing. Learn about COVID vs. flu vs. allergies. A number of bacteria, viruses, and allergens can cause respiratory symptoms. Unfortunately, every breath you take...

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Types of Flu Shots

Flu vaccines include live, inactivated, and manufactured. The different delivery methods include nasal, needle injection, and jet injector. When you’re planning your flu shot, considering your options can be confusing. If you have any health...

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An Overview of Astrovirus

Astrovirus causes gastroenteritis in children, the elderly, and others with impaired immune systems. Learn more about symptoms, causes, and treatment. Astroviruses are a type of virus that causes diarrheal illness (gastroenteritis). Infants and...

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Facts on Aleve-D Sinus and Cold

If you are considering taking Aleve Cold and Sinus for your cold or flu symptoms, you need to know what is in it and how it will affect you. Aleve Cold and Sinus is now called Aleve-D Sinus and Cold. It is one treatment option when you want a...

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Cold and Flu Symptoms

Did you experience a sudden or gradual onset of symptoms? Fever? Body aches? Learn more about how to tell the difference between the common cold and flu.

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Cold and Flu in Children

Can you tell the difference between a child's cold and the flu? Learn the symptoms of each, how to treat them, and ways to try and prevent them.

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Acid Reflux in Children

Can you tell if your child is experiencing heartburn? Acid reflux can affect infants, children, and teens. Learn how you can treat it and even prevent it.