Funeral Memorial Planning

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Wake vs. Visitation in a Funeral Service

Wakes and visitations are not the same things. They are usually held the day before the funeral, but what are the differences? Today, people generally use the terms wake and visitation interchangeably to refer to the portion of a "traditional...

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Origins of Embalming

Discover the meaning and origin of the process of embalming and the reasons why people choose it as a way to preserve the body after death. Embalming involves the artificial preservation of a dead human body through deliberate human action(s)....

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Is a Green Burial Right for You?

Learn about green or natural burial. While definitions of green vary, interest in eco-friendly ground burial is steadily growing. In its purest sense, a green burial—also called a natural burial—entails wrapping an unembalmed human body in an...

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Infants and Children Attending Funerals

Learn about the key factors to consider when deciding if your infant or child should attend a funeral, memorial, and/or burial service. When a loved one dies, parents and guardians often question whether infants and/or young children should attend...

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