Headaches Overview

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Secondary Headache: Overview and More

A secondary headache is a headache due to a medical condition or other trigger that activates pain-sensing nerves in the head and neck. A secondary headache is a headache that stems from an underlying medical issue that activates pain-sensitive...

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Characteristics of Chronic Pain

Learn the definition of chronic pain, how it is measured, and how it relates to your headache health. Chronic pain is a medical condition that entails various types and origins of discomfort. For some people, pain is localized to a specific area,...

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Headache Diagnosis

Not all headaches are the same. Knowing how to give a detailed report to your doctor about your pain is key to reaching a diagnosis.

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Living With Headaches

The onset of a bad headache can be quite debilitating. Learn how to incorporate strategies to avoid triggers and cope with any associated pain.

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Headache Prevention

Learn to avoid the triggers of headaches and maintain optimal health. Get to know healthy ways you can take charge of your risk.

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The Link Between Headaches and Depression

Discover whether you could be suffering from depression, how it may affect your headache or migraine health, and what you can do to solve it. You are not alone if you suffer from both depression and a headache disorder. One could be triggering the...