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What Is Auditory Training?

Auditory training (aural rehabilitation) aims to maximize the benefit of hearing aids or cochlear implants. Reviewed by a board-certified physician. Auditory training is for individuals with hearing loss that is being treated via the use of hearing...

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How Likely Is Cochlear Implant Failure?

Cochlear implants are amazing technology that can allow you to hear again. Explore the reasons why this device may fail and need to be removed. Fortunately, it does not happen that often but cochlear implant (CI) failure can occur. For a variety of...

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Earwax Problems With Hearing Aids

Wearing hearing aids or using an earmold can create a buildup of ear wax and lead to other problems. Learn how to clean your ears. If you wear a hearing aid or use an earmold with a cochlear implant, you may have noticed ear wax (earwax), also known...

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Hybrid Cochlear Implants

Hybrid cochlear implants allow people with residual low-frequency hearing to benefit from cochlear implant technology. What do you get when you combine the low-frequency acoustic amplification of a hearing aid with the high-frequency sound access of...

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Are Disposable Hearing Aids Worth It?

Getting disposable hearing aids by subscription may be an attractive, cost-saving option, but, in terms of price and performance, they often come up short. Traditional hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars, a price that is sometimes hard to...

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Buying and Selling Used Hearing Aids

Yes, used hearing aids are legal to buy or sell, and they are cheaper than new devices. But there are regulations that you need to follow. Can you legally buy or sell a used hearing aid? With the high cost of many hearing aids, this can seem like an...

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8 Hearing Aid Manufacturers to Explore

You have many choices of brands for hearing aids. Read about different manufacturers and some features that make them unique. Once you come to the decision that you need hearing aids, the choices can be overwhelming. Styles, colors, options,...

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Donating Used Hearing Aids

What to do with used or unwanted hearing aids. Information on donation programs with domestic and international objectives. Grandpa just died? Got a new cochlear implant? Just upgraded to digital from analog? Bought a hearing aid awhile ago but it...

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Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids

Get info on health insurance coverage for hearing aids, plus get tips on what questions to ask your insurance company to ensure that you qualify. Many companies have largely refused to provide insurance for hearing aids. While it is...

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