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3 Over the Counter Drugs That Undermine HIV Therapy 1X

3 Over the Counter Drugs That Undermine HIV Therapy

A number of over-the-counter supplements and prescribed medication, often missed by pharmacists, can greatly reduce the efficacy of your HIV drugs. Drug-drug interactions are common concerns for both people with HIV and their treating doctors,...

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Making Positive Change in the HIV Community

Eugene Eppes shares his journey with HIV. This article is part of Health Divide: HIV, a destination in our Health Divide series. Photo courtesy of Eugene Eppes / Designed by Julie Bang / VerywellMeet the AuthorEugene Eppes is a Community...

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Barriers to Boosting CD4 Counts

The factors for immune recovery in people on HIV therapy is highly variable, often confounding those able to sustain undetectable viral loads. A CD4 count is a measurement of the number of a particular type of white blood cells (lymphocytes), CD4...

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Having Children When HIV Positive

Advancements in treatment mean that the rate of transmission of HIV from mother to infant can be greatly reduced. Learn more. In recent years, almost all HIV infections occurring in U.S. children have been the result of mother to child transmission,...

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Living With HIV/AIDS

Having a positive attitude and taking steps to stay healthy can make an impact on your life with HIV. Discover the things you can do every day to live well.

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What Is a CD4/CD8 Ratio?

The CD4/CD8 ratio compares the proportion of "helper" T-cells to "suppressor T-cells" and is used to determine the likely course of the disease and death. The CD4/CD8 ratio is one of the blood tests used to monitor your immune system...

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High Cholesterol and Triglycerides in HIV Infection

High cholesterol and trigylcerides are commonly seen in people with HIV, caused both by antiretroviral medications used to the disease and HIV itself. People living with HIV commonly have elevated cholesterol and triglycerides levels, which is...

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Why Oral Health Matters If You Have HIV

Regular dental care is key to maintaining good oral health and avoiding orally transmitted diseases. But do the procedures pose any HIV risk? Dental care is often a forgotten part of a healthy lifestyle. For the HIV-positive person, regular dental...

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How Often to Have Your CD4 Count and Viral Load Tested

Monitoring a patient's CD4 count is most useful before the initiation of therapy, while the viral load is most useful after the initiation of therapy. With the increased efficacy of modern antiretroviral therapy (ART), the emphasis should no...

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Overcoming the HIV Stigma

Learning to overcome HIV stigma starts by understanding the roots of prejudice and discrimination towards those living with HIV. Despite advances in the prevention and treatment of HIV, the shadow of HIV stigma still looms large, affecting many of...

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9 Healthy Aging Tips for People With HIV

With life expectancy rates increasing among people with HIV, greater emphasis has been placed on reducing high rates of premature frailty and illness. As the early testing and treatment of HIV have increased life expectancy rates to that of the...

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