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Malabsorption and IBS 1X

Malabsorption and IBS

Ever worry that your IBS is preventing you from absorbing your nutrients? Learn about the relationship between IBS and malabsorption. If you have IBS, it is natural that you might be wondering if your "broken" bowels are actually absorbing nutrients...

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Causes of Bathroom Accidents

It can be quite upsetting to have a bathroom accident. Here you will learn about the major reasons why this might be happening to you. If you have been having bathroom accidents related to your bowels (fecal incontinence), you may find some...

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10 Ways IBS Symptoms Are Different for Women

Learn how IBS symptoms manifest differently in women, plus find out what research says about how IBS affects menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. The symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be different in women. So if you're a woman...

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Your Digestive System in Pictures

Find out what your insides look like by looking at pictures and read a quick overview of how each part helps you to digest your food. It can be scary to experience unusual stomach and digestive system problems. While you are waiting to see your...

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Can You Have IBS Without Pain?

Find out the changing pain criteria of IBS and whether not having pain​ means your doctor gave you the incorrect diagnosis. Did your doctor tell you that you have irritable bowel syndrome, but you don't have the kind of crippling pain you hear...

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Relationship Between IBS and Sleep Disturbances

Do you see a connection between your IBS and sleep? You are not alone. See what research says and how irritable bowel syndrome can affect your sleep. Many IBS patients report a connection between the quality of their sleep and their IBS symptoms....

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