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14 Natural Remedies to Beat Insomnia 1X

14 Natural Remedies to Beat Insomnia

Get the lowdown on 14 natural sleep aids and insomnia remedies including herbs, meditation, hypnosis, foods, exercises, light therapy, and more. Although it's common to have the occasional sleepless night, insomnia is the inability to sleep or...

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The Difference Between Narcolepsy Type 1 and 2

Learn the symptoms and triggers of both types of narcolepsy which include an irrepressible need to sleep and daytime lapses into sleep. Narcolepsy is always characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness, but there are other symptoms and test results...

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Symptoms and Cures of Nightmares in Children

Why do nightmares happen in children? Discover the symptoms, common causes, and most effective treatments of nightmares and bad dreams. While nightmares are no fun for anyone, when they repeatedly affect a child it can be particularly scary. From...

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What Causes Chronic Insomnia?

Chronic insomnia occurs when your sleep patterns are disrupted for three months or longer. Explore the possible causes, including medical conditions. Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder and it may cause you to not get enough sleep or wake...

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4 Characteristics of Narcolepsy

There are four defining features or classic symptoms of narcolepsy. Learn about daytime sleepiness, hallucinations, sleep paralysis, and cataplexy. Narcolepsy is a disorder most commonly characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness. But, it also...

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An Overview of Sleep Talking

Sleep talking is an occurrence in which a person speaks aloud while asleep. Usually, it is harmless—though sometimes, it can indicate a more serious condition. Somniloquy, also known as sleep talking, is the act of talking while sleeping. It is a...