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Interpreting Sign Language

There is a great need for interpreters in the deaf community. Explore what goes into interpreting, how it's helpful, and why it's a fulfilling career.

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Lipreading Software

Lipreading software is available for use by people who want to learn how to lipread on their own. If you need to learn how to read lips – for example, if you experienced a sudden loss of hearing – you can seek out in-person training in...

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Sign Language Interpreter Jack Jason

Jack Jason's career has grown right alongside that of Marlee Matlin, whom he interprets for and works with as a business partner. Wherever Marlee Matlin, an award-winning deaf actress, goes, her sign language interpreter Jack Jason is at her...

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How to Become a Captioner for the Deaf

With closed captioning being mandatory, there has been increased interest in the field. See information for those interested in captioning careers. Legislation stemming from the Telecommunications Act of 1996 making closed captioning on television...

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