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Norovirus in Children 1X

Norovirus in Children

Norovirus is a common cause of vomiting and diarrhea for children. Learn more about the symptoms, causes, and treatment. Tetra Images / Getty ImagesNorovirus is one of the most common causes of gastroenteritis in the United States. While it is...

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Signs and Symptoms of RSV and Bronchiolitis

Bronchiolitis is a common lung infection that is usually caused by RSV, with symptoms of a runny nose, cough, difficulty breathing, and wheezing. Bronchiolitis is a lung infection that's usually caused by the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which...

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Common Childhood Infections

Kids get sick, but there are things you can do to keep your kids healthier. Explore common childhood infections and learn preventative measures.

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Can You Get Mono and Strep at the Same Time?

Learn whether or not your child can get mono and strep throat at the same time and what to know about the similar symptoms. When kids get sick, pediatricians usually like to diagnose them with one single thing, so they usually wouldn't diagnose...

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Guidelines of Prescribing Antibiotics

Review the latest antibiotic prescribing guidelines for common childhood infections, including ear infections, sinusitis, sore throats, and more. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed unnecessarily for colds, the flu, coughs and bronchitis, and viral...

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What You Need to Know About Whooping Cough

Learn about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments for pertussis, or whooping cough, which can cause severe coughing spells in children and teens. Although pertussis or whooping cough can be prevented with a vaccine, it remains a big problem in the...

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Treating Cryptosporidiosis in Children

Cryptosporidiosis can follow drinking contaminated water and often leads to a few weeks of diarrhea, stomach cramps, and nausea. Learn more. Cryptosporidium, or crypto for short, is a parasite that frustrates many parents each summer as it causes...

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How Do You Treat Swimmer's Ear?

Learn about the symptoms and causes of swimmer's ear (otitis externa) and how can it be treated and prevented in children. Children with swimmer's ear (otitis externa) have inflammation in their external ear canal. It is usually caused by water...

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Does Humidity Really Alleviate Croup?

An old home remedy says putting kids in a steamy bathroom with a hot shower running will soothe coughing that comes with croup. But is this true? When your child gets croup, you are likely to be searching for something that can alleviate it as...

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Reassuring Details About Respiratory Syncytial Virus

An infection with respiratory syncytial virus can make a baby or toddler very sick. For kids over two, RSV will likely cause nothing more than a cold. Finding out your child has a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection can be scary. If you're...

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Common Summer Illnesses

Many infections are common in the late spring and summer, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and enteroviral infections. Learn more. Summertime infections are more common than you might think and there are many infections that are...

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