Medicaid Overview

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People with low income or disabilities may be eligible to receive health insurance assistance through state Medicaid programs. Learn about these services.

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What Are the New Work Requirements for Medicaid?

Starting in 2018, states were allowed to add work requirements to their Medicaid programs. The Biden administration has since put a hold on them. Medicaid was created alongside Medicare in 1965. While Medicare was intended to offer affordable health...

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How Medicaid Takes Its Money Back After You Die

Medicaid can take back the money it spent on your health care after you die by taking funds meant for your heirs. Find out if your estate is at risk. Medicaid, the state/federal health coverage program for low-income people, may take its money back...

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The Difference Between Medicaid and Obamacare

Medicaid is health coverage for low-income Americans. Obamacare is a law that overhauled American health insurance, including an expansion of Medicaid Obamacare is a federal law, but it's also often used to refer to individual market health...

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Types and Purposes of Medicaid Waivers

A Medicaid waiver allows states to deliver Medicaid programs that differ from standard federal program requirements. Learn more about them. Medicaid is jointly funded by the federal and state governments, to provide assistance to individuals and...

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