Medicare Overview

Understanding the Basics of Medicare 1X

Understanding the Basics of Medicare

Learn the basics of Medicare, the program that pays for health care for retired and disabled Americans. Learn about the parts, costs, and how to enroll. Medicare is the program of the United States federal government that provides payment coverage...

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Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Medicare does not cover most dental procedures. Learn more about what is covered and how to get the care you need affordably on Medicare. Medicare covers a wide range of services, but some of those services are limited. Dental care is one of them...

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Chronic Care Management for Medicare

More than five in six Medicare enrollees have one or more chronic medical conditions. This is how Medicare’s Chronic Care Management Program can help. The majority of Americans have at least one chronic medical condition. Those conditions not only...

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How to Prevent Hospital Readmissions

No one wants to go to the hospital, never mind more than once. The Hospital Readmission Reduction Program tries to keep you out of the hospital. Most people want to avoid going to the hospital, never mind going more than once. Unfortunately, as many...

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Is Cosmetic Surgery Covered by Medicare?

Medicare does not pay for cosmetic surgery outright but some surgeries are covered for medical reasons. Prior authorization is now required. Most insurance companies do not pay for cosmetic surgery and Medicare is no exception. Of course, it gets...

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Who can be covered under Medicare? How does it affect my prescription coverage? Learn these answers and more with these expert articles.

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How the Medicare Appeals Process Works

Understanding how the Medical appeals process works will not only save you time and energy, it will improve the chances of getting your care covered. Medicare does not cover everything, even when you think it will. Odds are you will face a coverage...

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How to Lower Your Drug Costs in the Donut Hole

Ways to save money on medications when you hit the donut hole and ways to actually prevent getting to the donut hole or delaying when you hit it. Closing the Donut Hole The Affordable Care Act, which was signed into law on March 23, 2010, made...