Migraine Related Conditions

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Migraine Seizures and Migralepsy

A migraine-aura triggered seizure, also called migralepsy, is a rare migraine complication. Learn about this disorder and how it can be misdiagnosed. A migraine-triggered seizure is a rare complication of migraine with aura. Also described as a...

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H. Pylori Infection and Migraines

Learn about the association between the H. pylori and migraines and whether eradication of this bacterium can help improve your condition. It's not clear exactly what causes migraines, but more and more, research is showing that the gastrointestinal...

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The Link Between Gluten and Migraine

People with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity have a higher-than-average risk of headaches. Here's what the research shows about this link. More and more, scientists have been studying the link between migraine and gastrointestinal (GI)...

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Perimenopause and Migraines

Learn why you may be at an increased risk for developing high-frequency migraines as you near menopause and what you can do to manage them. If you're like many women, perimenopause—the years during which you transition to menopause—may be an...

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