Multiple Sclerosis Complementary Therapies

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Bee Sting Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Bee sting therapy is a form of apitherapy used by people with MS. Learn whether this is an effective therapy, as well as the risks associated with it. Bee sting therapy, also referred to as “bee venom therapy,” is pretty much just what it sounds...

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Vitamin B12 and Multiple Sclerosis

A vitamin B12 deficiency can cause symptoms that are similar to those of multiple sclerosis (MS). Learn why and if taking B12 can relieve MS symptoms. Vitamin B12, clinically known as cobalamin or, sometimes, cyanocobalamin, is a water-soluble...

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The Best Bet Diet for Multiple Sclerosis

The Best Bet Diet is based on the idea that certain foods cause an autoimmune response that leads to MS. However, it is not endorsed by most experts. The Best Bet Diet was developed by Ashton Embry, Ph.D., as a dietary strategy for managing multiple...

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