Occupational Therapy

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Overview of Retrograde Massage Therapy

Learn about retrograde massage, the evidence behind it, and common strategies for making it most effective. Retrograde massage is a common technique used by occupational therapists to reduce swelling, particularly in the hand. The massage consists...

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Occupational Therapist Job Description

Occupational therapists use everyday activities to help ill, injured, or disabled patients. They can help patients build, strengthen, or regain movements. Looking to learn more about what an occupational therapist (OT) does? Or are you looking to...

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Questions to Ask Your Occupational Therapist

Learn about the most important questions to ask your occupational therapist to get the most out of your OT experience. We expect our healthcare providers to ask thoughtful questions, but it is equally important that your questions are heard.Asking...

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Occupational Therapy Abbreviations and Jargon

OT notes can be difficult to decipher, but don't let this stop you from being more involved in your care. Here is a guide to abbreviations. You’ve received a copy of your occupational therapy notes so you can be more involved in your care, but...

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