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Treatment for Mallet Finger 1X

Treatment for Mallet Finger

A jam can cause a mallet finger you can't fully straighten. Learn how this tendon injury is treated with a splint and when surgery may be needed. A mallet finger, sometimes called "baseball finger" or drop finger, is caused by an injury to the...

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What Is Swan Neck Deformity?

Swan neck deformity occurs in certain finger joints due to injuries or medical conditions. Learn more about its causes and treatments. Swan neck deformity is an abnormal positioning of the joints in your fingers. It’s named because of the way an...

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How to Treat a Sprained or Dislocated Finger

Finger sprains and dislocations are injuries to the ligaments and soft tissues around the finger's small joints. Both cases are easily treatable. Finger sprains and dislocations are common injuries to the hand. When a sprain occurs, a ligament...

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Colles Fracture

A Colles' fracture is a specific type of wrist fracture (broken wrist). The name comes from the physician who first described this injury. A broken wrist is a common injury. In fact, wrist fractures are the most common extremity fracture,...

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Finger or Thumb Amputation Reattachment

When a finger or thumb is cut off, there is a possibility that the amputated digit can be reattached, but there are many times when it can't. Finger amputations are serious injuries, that can cause significant changes in the ability to perform...

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Dupuytren's Contracture

Do your fingers bending toward your palm when you don't intend them to? It may be a condition called Dupuytren's contracture. Learn more about it here.

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Causes and Treatment of Dupuytren's Contracture

Learn about Dupuytren's contracture, the result of a tightening of tissue of the palm of the hand that leads to the bending of the fingers. Dupuytren's contracture is a condition that causes tightening, or contracture, of the palmar fascia, the...

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What is a Lunate Dislocation or Fracture?

A lunate dislocation is an injury to the wrist carpal bones. It's usually a severe injury with pain, swelling, and numbness and needs repositioning. Perilunate dislocations and fracture-dislocations are complex injuries to the small bones of the...

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Finger Joint Replacement

When should you get a finger joint replacement? Arthritis commonly affects your hands, learn about when implant surgery is recommended to treat it. Arthritis commonly affects the joints of our fingers. When is finger joint replacement an...

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An Overview of Wrist Arthritis

Wrist arthritis is a problem that can cause pain and difficulty performing activities. There are several causes and many treatments. Wrist arthritis is a common cause of wrist pain, and it becomes more and more common as we age. Wrist...