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How to Cope With Depression

There are many ways to cope with depression that can lessen the severity of symptoms and manage hardships that go along with depression. Depression is more than just a mental health concern. It can impact every area of life, including career,...

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What Is Excess Fluid in Eyes?

Excess fluid in the eyes is often a result of an underlying medical issue that affects eye health. Learn about possible causes and treatment options. The human eye consists of mostly water, collagen, and protein, and it always contains fluid in the...

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Are You Tracking Your Sleep Because of Coronasomnia?

Sleep tracking wearables and apps gained traction as sleep disruptions worsened during the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. But do they really help you sleep better? This story is part of a series that explores growing health trends that were shaped by...

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What to Know About Flaxseed Oil for Dry Eyes

Flaxseed oil, like fish oil, contains omega-3s fatty acids, which may improve dry eye symptoms. Learn what to look for in a quality omega-3 supplement. If your eyes burn, itch, or feel gritty, you may have dry eyes, a common condition that occurs...

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Tired Healthcare Workers Are Turning to TikTok

Healthcare workers are using #TiredHealthcareWorker on TikTok to document the stress of working in hospitals and the ICU during the pandemic. Key TakeawaysHealthcare workers are documenting the stress of working in hospitals and the ICU during the...