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Hepatitis Vaccine: What You Need to Know

There are different forms of hepatitis. Learn more about hepatitis and which forms of hepatitis can be prevented by a vaccine. Hepatitis is an inflammatory liver condition. There are five types of viral hepatitis: A, B, C, D, and E. Most cases are...

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Christine Forbes

Christine Forbes is a multimedia journalist specializing in storytelling for digital platforms. She has contributed to Prevention Magazine, Buzzfeed, BET, and more.

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What Is Bilateral Breast Cancer?

Bilateral breast cancer is cancer defined by tumors that develop in both breasts. More research is needed on this relatively uncommon cancer. Bilateral breast cancer is when tumors develop in both breasts of the same patient. Compared to unilateral...

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Marcela Rodrigues-Sherley

Marcela Rodrigues-Sherley is a New York City-based journalist whose work appears in Ms. Magazine, Prism, Women's Media Center, and more.