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Why Travel Bans Won't Stop Omicron

Experts say travel bans can disincentivize countries from sharing valuable epidemiological data and aren't effective at stopping international spread. Key TakeawaysThe U.S. and others have imposed travel bans in an attempt to slow the spread of...

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What Is Bull’s-Eye Maculopathy?

Bull’s-eye maculopathy describes the appearance of a target's bull’s-eye at the back of the eyeball. Learn more about eye conditions that cause it. Bull’s-eye maculopathy is a term used to describe the appearance of a target's bull's-eye...

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What Is a Fistula Seton?

A fistula seton is a string-like material that's placed in a fistula to help it drain, prevent complications, and begin the healing process. A fistula seton is a special type of flexible material that’s surgically placed into a fistula. A...