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Causes and Risk Factors of Insulinoma

Insulinoma is a rare tumor in the pancreas. The exact cause is unknown. Women ages 40–60 and people with genetic conditions have a higher risk. Insulinoma is a rare type of tumor that grows on the pancreas. Typically, insulinomas are benign...

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What Are Hypothalamus Disorders?

Hypothalamus and pituitary dysfunction may cause delayed puberty in children or low adrenal function in adults. Learn about other conditions. The hypothalamus is a small area located in your brain. It makes hormones that control a variety of body...

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Causes and Risk Factors of Chordoma

Experts have identified a genetic link for some chordoma cases, but other causes remain unknown. Learn more about research into potential causes. Chordomas are rare, cancerous tumors that form on the spine and the base of the skull. They develop...

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What Is Cannabis Withdrawal?

Cannabis withdrawal can occur when someone stops using marijuana. Learn more about cannabis withdrawal, including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments. Cannabis is the plant genus that produces marijuana, which refers to the dried leaves, stems,...

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Does Herd Immunity Still Matter?

We may be heading toward an endemic state of COVID-19 rather than herd immunity. Key TakeawaysAchieving herd immunity may require a fully vaccinated rate of greater than 75%, but the threshold could be higher because of the Delta variant and low...

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Symptoms of Insulinoma

Symptoms of insulinoma can include irritability, tremors, weakness, hunger, blurred vision, sudden weight gain, and loss of consciousness. Insulinomas are rare tumors that form in the pancreas, an organ that regulates the production of certain...