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How Retinopathy Is Treated

Retinopathy, a condition that affects the eyes and vision, is treated with lifestyle modifications, medications, and surgery or laser treatments. Retinopathy is a condition of the retina, the layer of the eye that senses light. When the retina is...

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What Is Purging Disorder?

Purging disorder is a type of eating disorder that involves recurrent purging behavior to influence weight or body shape. Purging disorder is defined as recurrent purging behavior to influence weight or shape in the absence of binge eating. Purging...

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People Are Paying for Cuddles—Sometimes via Zoom

Along with the COVID-19, there's also a "pandemic of loneliness." Professional cuddlers emerged as healers who can offer a sense of intimacy and calm through platonic physical touch. Key TakeawaysProfessional cuddling is a growing means...

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Lung Cancer Stages

Doctors use lung cancer stages to determine how advanced lung cancer is. There are two kinds of lung cancer, each with distinct lung cancer stages. Lung cancer staging describes how advanced an individual’s lung cancer is. It shows how far cancer...

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How Crohn’s Disease Affects Children

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that can affect teens and children. Learn how to detect and treat Crohn’s disease in children. Crohn's disease is a recurring inflammatory disease that affects the lining of the...