Parkinsons Overview

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Inbrija (Levodopa) - Inhalation

Levodopa is an inhaled medication used to treat “off” episodes in patients with Parkinson’s disease taking oral levodopa. Additional Content Provided and Reviewed by IBM Micromedex What Is Inbrija? Inbrija (levodopa) inhalation powder is a...

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How to Prevent Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder affecting the way the body moves. Read about Parkinson’s disease and possible ways to help prevent it. Parkinson's disease (PD) results from the death of dopamine-producing (dopaminergic) nerve...

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What Is Advanced Parkinson’s Disease?

Advanced Parkinson’s disease occurs when the symptoms of Parkinson’s have progressed to a state of limited mobility and independence. Advanced Parkinson’s disease (APD) is a late stage of Parkinson’s disease that is marked by limited...

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What Are Parkinson's Plus Syndromes?

Other neurological diseases mimic many Parkinson's disease symptoms. These disorders are referred to as Parkinson-plus syndromes. Parkinson's disease is the most common degenerative neurological disorder of the central nervous system. It mainly...