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Meet The Family Growing 6,000 Pounds Of Food A Year In Their L.A. Backyard

And you thought windowsill herb gardens were impressive.

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11 Great Reasons To Eat Less Meat (Even If You're Not Ready To Go Vegan)

Limiting your consumption can also have benefits.

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A Registered Dietitian Demystifies Common Misconceptions & Concerns About A Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based eating explained.

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Do You Really Need To Worry About Lectins? A Skeptic Asks All Of Your Burning Questions

Please don't take my nightshades away.

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Tired of almond milk? This next-level dairy-free beverage is here to the rescue

This clean, nut-free, and dairy-free milk option is about to rock your world.

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How To Start Plant-Based Eating And Do It Right (For Your Health And The Planet): An Expert Explains

This book can help you start a plant-based diet with these delicious recipes!

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