Stroke Overview

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Methamphetamine Abuse Can Cause a Stroke

Methamphetamine, an illegal drug of abuse, can cause hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke due to vasospasm, hypertension, vasculitis, or vascular toxicity. Methamphetamine, an illegal recreational drug of abuse, can cause stroke in habitual or first-time...

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Types of Strokes With Severe Outcomes

The size and location of a stroke are associated with the severity of the outcome. Severe strokes cause substantial disabilities and may be fatal. There is a range of outcomes after a stroke, and the most severe strokes can cause significant...

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How Sexuality Changes After Stroke

Sexuality may be affected after a stroke. Find out what to expect and what you can do about changes in sexual function after stroke. Sexuality can change after a stroke. Strokes are rarely a direct cause of sexual dysfunction. But the stress brought...

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Stroke Prevention

You can take an active role in preventing a stroke by adopting healthy lifestyle habits and managing other health conditions that can raise your risk.

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How a Stroke Causes Brain Damage

The damage from a stroke occurs quickly for several different reasons. Learn more about what really happens to the brain during a stroke. A stroke is the result of interrupted blood supply to the brain. A stroke can occur very quickly and the damage...