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You Can Develop a Food Allergy at Any Age 1X

You Can Develop a Food Allergy at Any Age

Even when you're older, it's still possible to develop new food or seasonal allergies. Learn more about why this happens and how to handle it. You have eaten pineapple for as long as you can remember, but this time you find your lips tingle...

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How to Interpret RAST Test Results

If your doctor ordered RAST allergy tests, you might be confused about the numbers included in the results. Here's a guide to what they actually mean. A radioallergosorbent (RAST) test measures the level of allergen-specific IgE antibodies in...

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Allergies Every Doctor Should Be Informed About

Learn why you should always inform your doctor, be it at a clinic or hospital, what allergies you have and what medicines you should stay away from. Allergies are of serious concern to health professionals, whether in the context of hospital care or...

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Using a Rescue Medication for Allergies or Asthma

If you suffer from a severe allergy, bad asthma or frequent migraine headaches, you might benefit from using a rescue medication to stop your attacks. Rescue medication is a medicine intended to relieve your symptoms immediately. Rescue medications...

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Learn How to Dispose of Your Used or Expired EpiPen

Do not throw your used or expired EpiPen in the garbage! Learn where you can take old EpiPens for safe disposal, and why you need a new one so often. It's common for people with a food allergy to carry an EpiPen device. It's the one item you don't...

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How Food Allergy Is Treated

The best way to treat a food allergy is to avoid the foods that cause it. Other options include antihistamines, epinephrine, and immunotherapy. If you have been diagnosed with a food allergy, the simplest and most effective way to prevent a reaction...

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What Is a Low-Histamine Diet?

A low-histamine diet is a type of elimination diet that helps in the management of histamine intolerance. It is usually followed temporarily. A low-histamine diet can be suggested for people who have histamine intolerance. Histamine is a chemical...

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6 Ways to Soothe Stomach Aches From Food Allergies

Those with food allergies are familiar with stomach aches. While time is the best medicine, there are other natural remedies that can ease the pain. Nothing gets in the way more than a rumbling stomach, especially if you have food allergies. You can...

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How to Pay for an EpiPen Without Insurance

When you have severe food allergies, you need to keep epinephrine on you at all times. If you need financial help to get it, here are some sources. There's no getting around it: If you have severe food allergies, you need to keep an epinephrine...

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